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17 August 2017

A Guide to Our Saving Accounts

Savings, and encouraging our members to save on a regular basis, is at the very heart of what Walsave stands for as your local credit union.

Without savings Walsave cannot function. Saving money is not easy but Walsave helps by encouraging the habit of saving amongst its members. Many members have experienced the satisfaction of accumulating sufficient savings when an unexpected need arises. Even small amounts of regular savings can build into large amounts in a surprisingly short space of time.

Saving with Walsave

With our straightforward, easy access accounts, you have a convenient way to save as much or as little as you can afford.  £1 is the equivalent of one share in the credit union, and regardless of the number of shares a member has (or amount of savings) every member is equal. We encourage members to make regular savings, as this promotes good money management for individuals, continually adds to the central pool of money and ensures that as a member, you are eligible to access our low cost loans and other services.
The interest earned on your savings comes in the form of a dividend that is payable each year and the amount of dividend will depend on the surplus made during the year.

There are many advantages to saving at Walsave. See our key features listed below.

Key Features

  • Flexibility - you can save as much or as little as you like, as often as you want
  • Good returns - you'll receive an annual dividend (interest) on your savings Dividend Payments
  • Easy in - there are a wide range of different ways to pay into your account, making savings easy
  • Free Life Saving Insurance providing £ for £ cover for savings up to £12,500 (limits and conditions apply)
  • Easy Out - you can get at your money easily too, and there are no charges or limits on the number of times you can withdraw money.

Many layers of protection cover savings at Walsave. All monies received are banked regularly, payments are made by BACS cheque and Cash, full books of account are kept and financial statements are available for members to read at Walsave’s Registered Branch Office. All persons handling the affairs of Walsave are Fidelity bonded. Annual returns are made to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and are on the public record.

Saving with Walsave begins with the opening of a Regular Saver Account.

We also offer other Saving Accounts:

  • Additional Saver account
  • Christmas Saver Account
  • Holiday Saver accounts
  • Term Saver Accounts
  • Salary Accounts
  • Junior Saving Accounts
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