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17 August 2017
Prepaid Card

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The Credit Union Prepaid Card is exclusively available to our members.


A prepaid card works like a pay-as-you-go Visa card. Members can load money onto the card with a direct payment from their accounts then use it to withdraw from ATMs, make purchases in person & online where ever Visa is accepted. You can also obtain cashback when you make purchases in person. Prepaid cards do not have an overdraft facility so there is no danger of you getting into debt.


The Credit Union Prepaid Card is brought to you by your credit union and the Association of British Credit Unions Ltd (engage).


Cardholder Information


For cardholders, prepaid cards are a simple, safe alternative to carrying cash and a great way to shop online. They are also great budgeting tools, and-with the right card Ė are low cost.


How it works

◦Load money onto the card by contacting our office. It will be available straight away.

◦Use your card to withdraw cash or make purchases in shops or online, just like any Visa card.

◦Reload the card as many times as you like.


*Some limitations on purchases may apply e.g. cannot be used for Quasi-cash (gambling), self - serve petrol pumps etc.

A large number of our members benefit from the convenience of using the pre-paid card on a regular basis. The card allows members to access their money from the comfort of their own home, without the need to make an unnecessary journey into our offices.


Advantages for members

◦Time saving & convenient

◦Cheaper than bus fare or petrol

◦Avoid poor weather conditions

◦Avoid queue times


Cardholder troubleshooting


Should you experience any difficulties or have a query regarding your prepaid card, you may find the answer to your problem in the card user guide.


Alternatively you can contact the dedicated customer service line on 0333 202 3642. You will need your 16 digit card number and 8 digit account number to speak with an advisor.

Lost or stolen cards phone 0333 202 3642 

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