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17 August 2017
1apay - Budget Account

1apay from Walsave

All your bills covered in one payment

  • We make bill paying and budgeting easy, because you always know where you stand.
  • Just One payment weekly or monthly makes it all so hassle free and easy!
  • It saves you time and effort Ė simple you make one fixed weekly or monthly payment, and we'll pay all your regular bills for you.
  • All savings are passed onto you regardless of how you pay us
  • Payment is so easy - you can choose to pay us by Direct Debit, Standing Order, Benefits, Salary payments or even in person at a Walsave branch
  • The Types of bills you can include: Mortgage, rent, gas, electricity, water, telephone, mobile, TV licence, satellite, cable,  broadband, car tax, insurances, loans, credit cards, pensions, endowments even storecards and any subscriptions
  • Our fees are only 75p per week

Just one payment

It's easier to keep track of your household finances. Money won't be disappearing out of your bank account for bills every few days. After you've made your regular weekly or monthly payment into your 1apay account, you can be sure that those bills are sorted.

Interested in 1apay? Apply now by simply calling us on 01922 653310

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