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20 Mar 2024

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30 Sep 2022

Our new Website is Live!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you like the look and feel. Check back for latest news and events...

14 Jun 2022

Please Look after your Card!

Just a friendly notice to our members who use our Engage card. Your card is how we send your money to you & this can only be done during...

17 May 2022

New Telephone Number

Due to an upgrade we now have a new telephone number - please save this number to get in contact with us... 01922 661059.


What can I win?

What can I win?

As a member of Walsave Credit Union, you are eligible to take part in the Friends of Walsave Lottery.

Monthly first prize of £500.

With several runner-up prizes ranging from £100 to £10.

The Friends of Walsave Lottery

How it works!

  1. All members are eligible to join the Friends of Walsave Lottery.
  2. Tickets cost £1 each and members can purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per month.
  3. Payment for your lottery entry is taken directly from your Regular Saver Account, so no need to worry about organising a separate transfer.
  4. The winning lottery numbers are allocated randomly by the lottery computer.
  5. The draw is monitored on a monthly basis by an official from the Friends of Walsave Lottery.
  6. Prizes are normally paid in the first week of the preceding month (See Rules).

Friends of Walsave lottery rules require that a minimum of 55% of all lottery revenue must be allocated to prizes. This means that the more members we have taken part in the lottery, the greater the prizes will be! Lottery funds that are not given out in prizes are reinvested into your credit union for training and development purposes.

If you would like to enter the lottery please complete and return the following form as soon as possible.